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Trauerfeiern auf Mallorca. Funerals in Mallorc.

Funeral & Farewell

"Dear Claudia, I want you to know I'm still totally impressed with your speech. Also by the light you sent into this grief. All the people were absolutely captivated by your speech... you're a wonderful person."
- Jana Trepschick

Arrivals and farewells are the two most important moments in our lives that all of us have in common. We were all born once and we will all leave one day.
Saying goodbye to a loved one is painful, yet it is a very intimate and very important moment in life. I will take my time preparing a tailor-made funeral or memorial service after meeting with relatives and friends in order to learn about the life and personality of the loved one. 
To see people smile again after the funeral, and to feel that new hope is replacing their grief, is a very satisfying experience which always fills me with profound gratitude.
I believe that a funeral service is always a special moment in which we can all reflect on how precious life is and how we all are connected with each other as living beings.

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