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Wedding Celebrant

Claudia Nagyivan

Getting married in Mallorca

Is a dream for many couples:

May it be a romantic wedding ceremony on a finca in the countryside, or an elegant wedding celebration in one of the many luxury hotels in Mallorca, or perhaps you prefer to get married by the sea with your feet touching the sand - (almost) everything is possible on Mallorca.
The most important moment of the day is certainly the 


Wedding Ceremony in Mallorca

and a free wedding ceremony offers many advantages: a personalized ceremony created following your individual needs and wishes; complete freedom in choosing the vows, the songs, the texts and the rituals; possible participation of the guests during the ceremony - and all this without bureaucratic paperwork!

Your wedding Celebrant Mallorca

For many years now I have been celebrating free wedding ceremonies on the most beautiful island in the world - for which I am grateful every day!

I am looking forward to you!

What are the next steps? On my website you will find information about my  Wedding Ceremonies and how I prepare and create them.
You can also learn more about me, my multilingual ceremonies, my same-sex weddings, as well as my baby-blessing-ceremonies and funerals.
My best advertisement are my happy clients: Under testimonials you will find feedback from many couples from all over the world.

Victor Lax Wedding Photographer Spain

Ceremonies in Mallorca

10 Years Wedding Celebrant

In 2014, a wedding planner approached me and suggested that I should become a wedding celebrant. At the time, I didn't even know that there was such a thing! Now, 10 years later, I'm celebrating my 10th anniversary as an officiant here in Mallorca and I'm infinitely grateful to have found this wonderful vocation.

Erneuerung des Eheversprechens Zeremonie

Vow Renewal

A love that survives all the great and small storms of life cannot be taken for granted. That's why I find it so beautiful when a couple can look back on the time they spent together and repeat, "you are the man/ the woman of my life - in the past and in the future". 


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Freie Trauungen auf Mallorca mit Claudia

Wedding Ceremony

It is very important to me that your wedding ceremony is a wonderful experience for everyone.
As a wedding officiant I always take a lot of time to get to know you well beforehand. Together we discuss which songs, texts, symbols and rituals you would like to choose for the ceremony. You may write your own wedding vows - I will gladly help you

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Freie Taufzeremonie am Meer in Mallorca

Baby Blessing

A free “Baby Blessing Ceremony” or “Naming Ceremony” is a non- religious celebration of the birth and the life of your child, tailor-made according to your own personal ideas and wishes.
We choose symbols and rituals adapted to you and your family. 


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"OMNIA VINCIT AMOR"- Love conquers all.

Publius Vergilius Maro (Vergil), 1st century BC


+0034 673 397 027

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