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New Year- is all "NEW" really necessary?

My thoughts about the „new“ year.

We live in a society where being young, new and always up to date is essential. The latest iPhone, the new girlfriend or the latest fashion- you name it! The old is/are being dumped or hidden away.

This year I have had to face more than ever the consequences of old age and deterioration when taking care of my old dog. I also met many animal rescuers who take care of old shelter dogs that have been dumped by their owners for getting old (and expensive?). Don´t forget: Unless you die young, YOU will be old one day, too, no matter how much botox or vitamines you are taking.

Christmas tree in Alaro Mallorca
With my old dog in Alaro Mallorca

Social media are full of filters and fake news inviting their users to spend hours indulging in their own vanity or others´. Mostly women spend nowadays a fortune in plastic surgery and Botox & co instead of accepting wrinkles and cellulitis and loving themselves as they are.

Two old Golden Retrievers looking for a new home in Mallorca
With Rescue dogs in Mallorca

Inspite of the frightening climate change news and lots of talk about sustainability, I observe a growing egoism and self obsession  everywhere.

Let me ask you then: How much NEW do you need in your life? Going out of your comfort zone and making a difference can be such a rewarding experience.

Please help me to make a difference in old souls lives´ in 2024. Let´s start with a small step and find a new home for these gorgeous 2 Golden Brothers who have been dumped for being old. They need to stay together. Please contact Stacey on +34 603 10 69 68

Rescue dogs in Mallorca looking forward to their photo session
With Stacey taking photos of her Rancho Fino rescue animals

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